Food for Thought -2023 Spring 次回7/4(火)/ 毎週火曜日18:30-19:30 @理学部E館1F自習室



This month, FFT’s main theme is about Random Skills. Hosts will show you how to demonstrate certain skills, for example, design, proactivity, presentation, …🥰


Food for Thoughtは、英語で気軽におしゃべりしながら、留学生と国際交流できるカジュアルなイベントです。




場所は理学部E館1階、学習室(元Craig's Cafe)。



★次回 2023年 7月4日(火) 18:30-19:30

Host : Gia

Topic :Improvisation 即興

Do you know what’s fun about improvisation? You WON’T be scared of being wrong! Even if you are, it’s completely fine because you are improvising anyway. 😂

This week, I will explain further what improvisation is, and let’s play bunch of games in groups to practice this skill!




★10回目 2023年 6月27日(火) 18:30-19:30

Host : Mariko

Topic : Hi everyone! Hope you had fun learning about Thailand last week. For the final week of June and the last installment of this month’s theme, let’s talk about the Philippines🇵🇭, my home country. The Philippines is known for a lot of things - rich culture and history, art, food, and more! Let’s explore the Philippines together this Tuesday. See you then!




★9回目 2023年 6月20日(火) 18:30-19:30


Topic:ThaiHi everyone, My name is Satayu and I will be the host for this week FFT. The topic will be about Thailand. I will introduce interesting facts about Thailand 🇹🇭🇹🇭 and bring some thai dessert. In addition to that, let's also talk about a bit of general things like our stereotype of people from different culture. See you guys tomorrow!




★8回目 2023年 6月13日(火) 18:30-19:30


Topic:Japanese culture🇯🇵🇯🇵

Following the previous topic on Vietnamese culture, tomorrow we will discuss Japanese culture.
In addition to introducing Japanese culture, let’s consider the unique character of the Japanese! It may be interesting to consider what is often referred to the unique character of the Japanese people from a historical perspective!🧐🧐I’m looking forward to discussing with uuu! See you tomorrow!!!!!


(↓当日の様子です。Tatsuyaさん初Host役成功、そしてお誕生日おめでとうございます! )

★7回目 2023年 6月6日(火) 18:30-19:30


Topic:Good morning everyone. Hope you have a great start of the week today!
This month, FFT’s main theme is all about culture. We’ll bring you some insights into Vietnamese, Thai, Philippines, Japan… customs

So, if you plan to travel abroad soon, now it’s the month to join FFT!

Since I’ll be the host for tomorrow’s session, I’ll introduce a bit about Vietnam🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳 For example, I’ll show you how I ride motorcycle in Vietnam 🛵🛵🛵

I’ll bring a little Vietnamese snacks and coffee so let’s gather tomorrow and have a chat

🤩皆さん、おはようございます)今日、素敵な一週間のスタートを切ることができたでしょうか!今月のFFTのメインテーマは、文化についてです。ベトナム、タイ、フィリピン、日本...の習慣についてお届けします! 明日のセッションは私がホストなので、ベトナムについて少し紹介します🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳 例えば、私がベトナムでバイクに乗る様子を紹介します🛵🛵 少しベトナムのお菓子とコーヒーを持っていきますので、明日集まっておしゃべりしましょう🤩

(↓当日の様子です。いい感じですね。ベトナムのお菓子興味深い! )


★6回目 2023年 5月30日(火) 18:30-19:30


Topic: Proactivity 積極性

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well on this rainy Monday! Tomorrow, as usual, we will have another Food for Thought session. Tomorrow’s topic will be about proactivity. 

What do you usually say when you decline someone’s invitation to a party, but you don’t feel like going? We often use phrases like “I  have to…”, “I need to…”, and “I must…” when we are trying to explain our situation to other people. All these phrases indicate we don’t have a choice in the matter. But, are we ever really left with no choice when dealing with situations that require us to respond? Or are we simply not taking responsibility of our freedom to decide? Tomorrow, let’s discuss why being responsible (response-able) and proactive is important in our society. See you tomorrow!
みなさん、こんにちは!雨の月曜日、みなさんお元気ですか?明日はいつものように、Food for Thoughtのセッションを行います。明日のトピックは、「Proactivity(積極性)」についてです。私たちは、自分の状況を他人に説明しようとするとき、「I have to...」「I need to...」「I must...」といったフレーズをよく使う。これらのフレーズはすべて、私たちに選択の余地がないことを示すものです。しかし、私たちが対応しなければならない状況に直面したとき、本当に選択の余地がないのでしょうか。それとも、自分の判断に責任を持てないだけなのでしょうか。明日は、なぜ責任ある(対応可能な)主体的な行動が社会で重要なのか、その理由を考えてみましょう。それでは、明日もよろしくお願いします!

(↓当日の様子です。Great presentation Mariko! )


★5回目 2023年 5月23日(火) 18:30-19:30


Topic: Survive on the Moon 月でのサバイバル

You are a member of a space crew with a mission of landing on the moon. However, due to mechanical difficulties, your ship was forced to leave the station and go back to Earth. During reentry to the spaceship, you are blown by a strong storm and left alone on the moon. Since survival depends on reaching another station on the moon, the most critical items available must be chosen for the trip. How would you survive? Let’s go to FFT tomorrow and find out

★4回目 2023年 5月16日(火) 18:30-19:30

Host: Mariko

Topic: Small Talk 雑談

Why do we do it? Is it important in daily life? Why do so many of us struggle with it? Is there a formula to be good at small talk? Let’s find out!

See you next week and be ready to get your acting face on! 😀😂😭😡😬😳





★3回目 2023年 5月9日(火) 18:30-19:30


Topic: LEGO Play 🧩🤔

Probably you have built stuff with LEGO blocks at least once or twice in your life. But have you ever tried using LEGO to express your idea or to connect people? 🤨

LEGO is not just about building blocks, it can be used as a tool for you to develop your own ideas, make friends, and express yourselves when you are not really confident using just your body language. 🕺🏻💃🏻

Let’s meet up tomorrow and see how we can connect with each other by LEGO blocks! 👀トピックです: LEGO Play 🧩🤔おそらく、人生で一度や二度はレゴブロックで物を作ったことがあるのではないでしょうか?でも、レゴを使って自分のアイデアを表現したり、人と人をつなげたりしたことはありますか?レゴは単にブロックを組み立てるのではなく、自分のアイデアを発展させたり、友達を作ったり、ボディランゲージだけでは自信がないときに自分を表現するためのツールとして使うことができるのです🤨。🕺🏻💃🏻明日、レゴブロックでどうつながるか、会ってみましょう!👀


★2回目 2023年 4月25日(火) 18:30-19:30 


Topic: Riddles  なぞなぞ

Last week, we talked about laughter and mentioned some dad jokes: How do you call a deer with no eyes? - No idea! (No-eye deer). When did Japanese people start eating eggs? A long time ago (a long tamago)… and so on.

It’s fun, but have you ever wonder why there are jokes? When did the first jokes start? Can you find a formula to make jokes?

This week, I’ll bring you plenty of joke challenges to do together in groups, whether it be solving a riddle (なぞなぞ), or trying not to laugh (笑うなチャレンジ)!先週は、笑いについてお話ししましたね。その中で、おやじギャグ、例えば「目のない鹿をどう呼ぶか?- ノー アイディア!(No-eye deer)。他に、「日本人はいつから卵を食べるようになったか?」ア ロングタマゴー (A long tamago)などなど。




★初回は、2023年 4月18日(火) 18:30-19:30 

Host : Mariko

Topic :  Why do we laugh? 🤔 なぜ人は笑うのか?🤔

Ever wonder why we laugh? Laughing is such a basic instinct for us that we do not even notice it unless it extremely pleases or annoys us. Everyone is capable of laughing - deaf and blind people, children and babies (even before they become capable of speaking!). There are thousands of languages in the world, but everyone speaks laughter in pretty much the same way. Can you imagine a world where people do not laugh at all? Would you want to live in it? Tomorrow, let’s talk about the importance of laughter in our society. See you then! 😂😂😂




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