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Tutor Workshop Oct. 30

This pdf file is the presentation made by Gia at the workshop.

2023Fall tutor workshop presentation


Tutor Activity Instructions 2023 Fall

Tutor Activity Instructions 2023 Spring

Forms for tutors

2023 FALL Tutor Document Forms updated 2023/10/16

Thank you for being a NU-EMI tutor and I hope your tutoring is going out fine.
Here are the 4 documents that you need to submit. (For those that have other jobs at the university must submit the fifth document, too.) 


The forms below are PDF files. Please print them out and fill out by hand.

  Form 1, 2 and 3 PDF

You can also have them in an excel file and submit via email. Excel File

The excel file is protected with a code, so please ask the coordinator for the code. 

And make sure not to change the code when you submit.


1. Tutoring Documents NUEMI2023 Fall

Form1_Tutor activity plan

    Submit by the Friday, November 17 2023. 

    Here is the Example: Example Form1


2. Tutoring Documents NU-EMI2023 Fall Form 2_Tutor activity report

    Submit by Friday, February 2nd, 2024. 

    Here is the Example: Example Form 2

3. Tutoring Documents NUEMI2023 Fall _ Form 3_Class check

4. Copy of your student ID (Both front and back side)

     Here is the Example: Example Form3 and student card


5. Overlap check list (Only if you have other jobs at the university) Overlap check Excel file

    Use this file to report the dates and times you worked in the university for each month that you had multiple jobs.  

Change the date on the colored cell of the very top of the work sheet to change it the month you want.        

This is a monthly report. However, you can submit all the reports for the period you tutored together with the rest of your tutor documents.


All documents may be submitted by hand or electronically via email, to the NU-EMI coordinator. When you submit by hand, we prefer you make an appointment with the coordinator.

Please submit all documents shortly after your last tutoring or by Friday, February 2, 2024


If you do tutoring online and don’t meet your tutee, or make and submit your documents electronically, the documents have to be confirmed by your tutee.

Details will be coming up soon.


If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact the coordinator.

Information for Teaching Assistants(TA)

2021 Spring Teaching Assistants Conditions

coming soon.

Information for Instructors

Information for Instructors 2020 Spring

coming soon

Payment information

Certificate of Payment

Find here to find out how to access to your salary information.

How to access to your Certificate of Payment

Information for Short Term Employee

Notice or Employment [English]

You will sign this document when you are employed. 労働条件通知書 (Rodo-joken-tsuchisho) Please know what it says.

Notice of Employment with English 

When you get paid, you can check electronically from Portal or by this document. 給与支給明細書(Kyu-yo shaikyu meisaisho)

Payment Statement in English