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Forms for Tutors

2020 Fall Tutor Forms

I hope you are enjoying your tutoring.
Here are the 4 documents that you need to submit.

The forms below are PDF files. Please print them out and fill out by hand. You can also have them in an excel file, contact the coordinator.

1.TutoringActivityPlanSheet NU-EMI2020Fall :Submit by Nov 30,2020.

2.TutoringActivityReport NU-EMI2020Fall

3.Class Checklist_NU-EMI※Tutor Student Only2020Fall

4. Copy of your student ID (Both front and back side)

All documents can be submitted by hand or electronically, to the NU-EMI coordinator.

Please submit the Tutor activity plan sheet by the end of November, and the rest of the documents shortly after your last tutoring

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact the coordinator.

⭐︎Tutor activity conditions 注意事項:



Forms for Teaching Assistants

2020 Spring Teaching Assistants Forms

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Information for Instructors

Information for Instructors 2020 Spring

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