NU-EMI Spring Party は大成功!The Spring Party was a hit!

Here is a short report from  Thania, the Leader of the Spring Party.
On Sunday, April 14th, we hosted a warm welcome event called the "Spring Party" at the Amenity House. Over 60 people joined us, including Japanese and international students. Our aim was simple: to bring everyone together for a fun-filled day of games, snacks, and mingling.
The event featured five interactive games designed to encourage interaction among participants. We kicked things off with a group Kahoot session, followed by the "Same and Different" challenge, the "Herd Mentality" game, a Marshmallow Tower Building Contest, and Human Bingo. These games allowed everyone to get to know each other.
Overall, the Spring Party was a hit! Everyone had a great time and left with new connections and fond memories. It was a fantastic way to welcome both new and returning students at Nagoya University.