Spring 2021 Studium Generale スケジュール


G30国際プログラムの専門的な講義の受講に躊躇している方にお勧めしたいのはStudium Generaleです。




聴講の方はStudium Generaleのwebsiteから登録

Message from the instructor: Studium Generale is the easiest English lectures experience at Nagoya University! It is specifically developed with the purpose of offering exactly this – an experience. An experience in lectures in English (all recorded, so you can stop and listen again at any point!), an experience of learning about fields of science and society outside your major (all at introductory level, so no need to prepare before class and read textbooks), and an experience to discuss various topics with other students in English (both Japanese and international students join this course – make new friends!). Come and expand your horizons. You’ll be surprised how much you can actually learn about the world and yourself in one short semester!