To International students: Register to be a NU-EMI Tutor candidate

Hi, G30 and NUPACE students!
NU-EMI hires international  student tutors who support the regular course students to take English-taught G30 courses.
Please register to be tutor candidate from the link below.
We also hire Japanese students who support G30 students who take Japanese-taught regular courses, so if you plan to take a Japanese taught course and want a tutor, please indicate at end of the survey.
< Job description >
Job content: Weekly tutor sessions regarding the course your tutee is taking. 
Period: October, 2023 to end of January, 2024
Hours: 15 hours to 30 hours per semester. 
Hour pay:  1000yen/hour
Payment: The total amount will be transferred to your bank after the whole activity, at the end of the semester. (March or April, 2024). 
For more information: click here.
Video about tutoring :click here

2023Fall_NUEMI Tutoring