2024 NU-EMI Grad School Seminar /海外大学院進学セミナー 6月22日開催

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NU-EMIでは、"海外大学院進学セミナー Dream big. Get Motivated. Start early." を開催します。


NU-EMI is holding another interesting event. "Grad School Seminar Dream big. Get Motivated. Start early." 


今回のGrad School Seminarは、この夏から海外大学院に進学されるG30と一般プログラム、6名の学生のお話を聞きます。




In this Grad School Seminar, we will hear from six students, G30 and Regular Program, who will be entering graduate school abroad this summer. In addition, we will have an online panel discussion with two Japanese students and two G30 students who are currently enrolled in graduate schools abroad. This is a rare opportunity to hear from Japanese students who are going to or have gone to graduate school in the United States. Please use this as a networking opportunity as well.


NU-EMI 海外大学院進学セミナー -Dream Big, Get Motivated, Start Early

NU-EMI Grad School Seminar  -Dream Big, Get Motivated, Start Early


6月22日に 2024 NU-EMI 海外大学院進学セミナーを開催します!



On June 22, NU-EMI will hold the 2024 Overseas Graduate School Seminar! 

At this seminar, you will hear many valuable talks about what to expect when applying to graduate schools abroad and what it is like studying there! We will invite Nagoya University Japanese and G30 students and alumni who have actually entered overseas graduate schools, so this is a valuable opportunity to learn from their real experiences!

By considering the possibility of going on to an overseas graduate school, you will be able to broaden your horizons in your search for a career path. Whether you have already made up your mind to go to graduate school abroad, are still undecided, or just want more information, this seminar is sure to be a beneficial opportunity for everyone! The seminar will be held both in-person and online.

Don’t miss it!


日時 Date/Time:   2024年 6月22日(土) 13:00-17:30 June 22, 2024 from 1PM to 5:30PM (JST)

場所 Venue:       名大東山キャンパス 環境総合館 1F レクチャーホール

                         Lecture Hall, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University

方法 Format:  対面/オンライン (名大生は対面で参加することを推奨します)

                         In-person & zoom NU students are recommended to join in-person

言語 Language: 英語(日本語字幕)/日本語 English and Japanese

登録 Register:     登録リンク Register from here    

Organized by NU-EMI and G30 AO Office 



Mariko Tsuji -Brandeis University Molecular and Cell Biology (Ph.D)

~ Message from Mariko ~
Hello everyone! I’m Mariko, a 4th-year G30 Biology student working on behavioral aging in worms 🪱. Before coming to Japan, I lived in the Philippines where I grew up and studied until high school. I recently applied to PhD programs in the US and will be happy to answer any questions you have about the application process. The past three years, I’ve been taking part in this graduate school seminar, so I’m delighted to share what I’ve learned and how that helped me get into grad school. Excited to meet you all at the seminar!


Telmuun -Amsterdam University Economics and Business (Master)
~Message from Telmuun~
Hello prospective applicants! I’m Telmuun from Ulaanbaatar, and I’m in my final semester at School of Economics, Nagoya University. I’m currently pursuing my research interest in the economics of education and the economics of inequality, while focusing on microeconometrics. My application cycle has been a demanding yet gainful one, maybe because I applied to schools across 5 different countries. I look forward to sharing my experiences, specially as an economics student, as well as addressing any practical questions you may have. Cheers.


Indranil Enkhtuvshin University of Turku East Asian Studies (Master)
~Message from Inna~
Hello! My name is Indranil and I am from Mongolia. I am currently a 4th-year specializing in Japan-in-Asia-Cultural Studies at the Nagoya University. I will be soon joining University of Turku in Finland for my Masters studies. I would love to share my application experience and scholarship opportunities in Finland with you all! See you soon at the NU:EMI Grad School Seminar.


Tetta Watari Georgia Institute of Technology Science in Economics (Master)
~Message from Tetta~
Hi, I’m Tetta! I’m from the Math department of NU and I decided to switch my major to Economics. I’ve developed a strong commitment to environmental issues, especially climate change, during my time at university. My motivation to shift my major came from this commitment. I’m excited to share my experiences and vision for addressing environmental challenges through economics!


Thanyathorn Vongvanich
London School of Economics and Political Science, Finance and Economics (Master)
~Message from Thanya~
Hi! I’m Thanya, a 4th year G30 student majoring in Economics. I’ll be pursuing my MSc in Finance and Economics at LSE in the UK. I applied to several universities in Europe, so I hope my experience can be helpful to you all. I’m looking forward to sharing my application journey and answering any questions you might have!



Keikina Banu University of Amsterdam Forensic Science (Master)

Akiyoshi Tanaka University of Virginia Electrical Engineering  (Ph.D) https://www.instagram.com/reel/C8WZRkYR0Z_/?igsh=eXFsZnJqemJtbGVy

Tomoya Tatsuno  University of Oklahoma Mathematics (Ph.D)
Naranzaya Batdulam Georgetown University, CIDS Geneva Center for Dispute settlement.  (Master) https://www.instagram.com/reel/C8V6c3jxqob/?igsh=MTBtZXkxYzNwYzY5ZQ%3D%3D
Tsenguunbileg Naranpurev University of Amsterdam International Trade and Investment Law  (Master) https://www.instagram.com/reel/C8Yl-Z5IgKb/?igsh=a3pnOG14azNqazF3

........more information coming up soon!


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